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My mother had a chest of drawers made of Paulownia wood. When she married, she had the chest washed and carried to her new home, which was a sake brewery.

The chest still sits in the home. It is full of the kimonos my mother wore when she was growing up, and when she was leading her married life. These kimonos represent her life history and are studded with the memories she cherished.


Every family has its own history, values and precious memories. Old kimonos that have been handed down in a family can connect us with our distant ancestors. Each of these kimonos must have embraced the prayers which its owner held in her heart, and the patterns woven on the garments must had special meaning. The craftsmanship that the kimono artisans developed and mastered, as well as the breathtaking beauty they created through their designs, not only enchant us, but give us courage to live our lives to the fullest.


The kimonos showcased on this website lay in my mother’s chest for a long time. Before opening the website, I had them washed clean and their seams mended so that they were brought back to life through the skills of artisans. I would be delighted if you find some of them enchanting. Although they are unfit to be worn, they make fantastic decorations. They are available to for customer rentals through a referral. Thank you for your interest.


- Shima

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