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07.Collection (1955-)

antique kimono アンティーク 着物

Welcome back to Japan!



彼いわくKing of Uchikake


Hello! my friend,

私は、昭和30年頃、日本からアメリカに来ました。どうしてアメリカに来たのか…忘れましたが気がついたら、サクラメントにある日本の美術品を扱うお店にいました。そこへ、米国人のお客様がいらしてもらわれました。ふかふかの綿を箱に入れてドレッサーのなかで、50年間 休眠してました。



重量 3.5kg

さまざまな方々のご好意のお陰を持ちまして、2016年3月  美しい日本庭園があります東京の五つ星ホテルにてデビューさせて頂くことになりました。


See you!

代筆  史眞より

Welcome back to Japan!


At the end of 2015, I requested a kimono over the internet from a private collection in California owned by an enthusiast of Japan. He calls it the “King of Uchikake”.

It is an impressive kimono with an overwhelming power and beauty.


If the Uchikake was to speak, I think it would say something like this:

“Hello my friends, in around 1955 I left Japan and went to the States. I cannot recall the reason behind my going to the States, but before I knew it, I was in a shop in Sacramento that handled Japanese art items. I was bought by an American customer who came to the shop, and I was then hidden in a dresser filled with fluffy cotton for 50 years.


I was handled with care, and was sometimes refreshed with fresh air.


Last year, on December 24th, 2015, I was given new light. I set off on a long trip, from California to Hawaii, and then to Japan.


With bright lights, I was hung on a beautiful lacquer dress rack and photographs were taken of me. Then I was taken to Kyoto to be washed. Oh, it is so refreshing! I love Japan.


My weight is 3.5 kg, and I come with a tag. (Isn’t it interesting for a kimono to have a tag? It is because I have come back from a trip to a Western country.)


With the support of many people, I will make my debut appearance in March 2016 at a five-star hotel in Tokyo which has a beautiful Japanese garden.


I look forward to talking with you. Let’s meet again! See you soon! ”


Written by,


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