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01.黒地縮緬檜扇 四季花々 振袖(明治末)

01.Black silk crepe kimono patterned with wooden fans (hiôgi) and flowers representing the four seasons  (from the early 1900s) - Hiôgi

antique kimono アンティーク 着物








This kimono was handed down from my maternal grandmother, who was born in the late 19th century.

It is patterned with hiôgi, and the family’s crest. According to my mother, my great-grandmother might have had the kimono made in Kyoto when my grandmother was getting married.

This kimono was a sorry sight when I pulled it out of the drawer, covered with dust and with its gold threads loosened. It took the skills of the Kyoto artisans to bring this century-old kimono back to life in its full radiance. It is patterned with flowers representing the four seasons and treasures to bring luck.


This hanging scroll was sent from the then prime minister Inukai Tsuyoshi (1855-1932) to my grandfather.  The wedding costume with the black Hiôgi (wooden folding fan) was made for my grandmother in Kyoto by Ushijima Ita, my great-grandmother. I have described the historical background, too.

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