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05.白地金箔霞取富貴花図 振袖(昭和末期)


05.White silk and gold leaf kimono patterned with peonies and drifting mist (long-sleeved; from the 1970s - late 1980s) - Peony

antique kimono アンティーク 着物


My paternal grandmother had peonies in her garden, and as a young girl I looked forward to visiting my grandparents’ home every weekend to see how the buds of peonies grew and opened, gradually spreading their petals. When I was twenty, I chose this one patterned with peonies as my best kimono, and wore it on my Coming of Age day. I have always been enchanted by the way in which the peonies gradually blossom, as the pattern progresses from above the hemline toward the upper part of the kimono. It reminds me of the flowers my grandmother loved.

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