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09.Collection③ 鶴と亀の打ち掛け(戦前)

09.Collection / Uchikake (wedding robe) featuring a crane and turtle (before W.WⅡ)

antique kimono アンティーク 着物





This Uchikake (wedding robe) featuring a crane and turtle was made before the war, and you can see that the entire robe is meticulously embroidered with patterns of lucky items such as pine, bamboo, and plum.


1.Even the wings, eyeballs, and eyes’ edges of the crane are embroidered.

2.The Minokame (turtle with moss on its shell), a symbol of good luck, features an embroidery consisting of alternately woven silk threads and gold foil threads on its shell.The Mino (straw raincoat) section features a meticulous hand woven

embroidery in which different colored threads have been carefully arranged along the dyed curved lines.

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